The truth is, Boxed and Burlap is a feeling, fed to the soul with coffee, creative spaces and community.  We aspire for our business to be a place that feeds the human soul with peace, comfort, hope and inspiration.
— John and Lindsay Neighbors


We are Boxed and Burlap, a new small business located in beautiful Walworth county.   Our story is an American small town dream built through the help of family and friends.  Our coffeehouse woven together with the garden center and event space was developed through a combination of our passions, talents and inspirations.  

Our faith has lead us through an amazing adventure to bring the community a marvelous store.  We opened Mother's Day weekend of 2016 and had to close our doors at the end of July 2016 in order to complete the unfinished projects around our property.  Our grand opening weekend September 17th and 18th 2016 was an overwhelmingly positive success.  We are grateful to be a part of a community that actively supports small businesses like ours.  

As a husband and wife team with multifaceted occupations in the areas of parenting, entrepreneurship, art and teaching, we feel a sense of urgency to create and succeed through what some may consider to be non-traditional avenues.  Like a work of art Boxed and Burlap was a blank space with our team of two as inspired students, eager to find an accurate medium to express their feelings.  Boxed and Burlap’s story was not planned, in fact there were moments in the beginning when we had to stop and put all of the puzzle pieces together.  In deciding who Boxed and Burlap was as a business we relied on remembering  who we are as individuals and as a couple.  Our goal with Boxed and Burlap is to stay true to our faith, be inspired by the past and to encourage others for the future.

 We truly look forward to bringing the community events and activities that are still evolving.  Revisit our website for new information or follow us on Facebook and Instagram @boxedandburlap to hear about details and events first.

Thank you for visiting our page and we hope to see you in our store!

- John & Lindsay Neighbors