Boxed and Burlap is a business that enjoys visionary spaces both inside and out.  We love providing the community with bespoke handcrafted coffee, unique environments and a garden center focused on offering a high quality selection of interesting plants and creatively planted containers that you cannot find everywhere. 
We take pride in the creative aspects of our business.  Our Barn, Batten House and Coffeehouse Loft are available for rent throughout the year to hold events, classes and meetings.  We encourage individuals interested in renting our spaces to contact us at events@boxedandburlap.com for pricing and information.



Crafted Cocktail Workshop
December 9, 2017 at 5pm

Photograph by Mitchell Li

Photograph by Mitchell Li

Boxed and Burlap presents its first annual crafted cocktail workshop, in the spirit of Holiday at Home!

It is not every day that you can learn how to make a beautiful classic cocktail and what better time to learn than before the holiday?  Your ticket to this workshop includes the enjoyment of four holiday inspired beverages and light snacks.  Join us at 5 pm in our Batten House for a night of guaranteed fun with two bartenders who will impress you with their passions to teach the art of crafted cocktails.  Do not miss out on this unique opportunity  to enjoy the company of great people, delicious festive beverages and a little education, all in an atmosphere like home!  

Please note that participants must be 21 or older and tickets must be purchased in advance. 


the batten house

Email events@boxedandburlap.com for more information or to see the Batten House interior in person.


Boxed and Burlap's newly completed Batten House is ready to lease for your event!  The Batten House can comfortably fit up to 40 guests and includes a bathroom, heating and air conditioning, gas fire place, fridge and freezer, prep sink and counter space.   This versatile space will be wonderful for your shower, reunion, class, workshop or meeting.


Yoga lake geneva
at Boxed and Burlap


 Yoga Lake Geneva is now holding classes inside Boxed and Burlap's Batten House!  

Visit www.yogalakegeneva.com for detailed information regarding the schedule, classes, and registration.



We would like to thank everyone who has been a customer of Boxed and Burlap!  We thank you for supporting and believing in our small business!


Please note Boxed and Burlap is currently not accepting submissions,  requests, or applications to sell items or services on consignment or  for commission.   Please follow our website and social media for future opportunities.