Boxed and Burlap is a business that enjoys visionary spaces both inside and out.  We love providing the community with a one of a kind handcrafted coffee, unique environments and a garden center focused on offering a high quality selection of interesting plants and creatively planted containers that you cannot find everywhere. 
We take pride in the creative aspects of our business.  Our Barn, Batten House and Loft are available for rent throughout the year to hold events, classes and meetings.  We encourage individuals interested in renting our spaces to contact us at events@boxedandburlap.com for pricing and information.

We are thrilled to offer items that will dare you to take home something unique this season, including plants that will bloom in Wisconsin as early as late February and March!  

Our intriguing inventory is continuing to arrive weekly.  As the season unfolds, the garden center will perpetually evolve.  We appreciate your patience as our garden center develops into something special.


garden center hours
Monday-Friday 8am-3pm
saturday 8am-4pm
sunday 9am-1pm

Garden Center hours vary slightly from the coffeehouse hours.

now accepting applications for our 1st annual farmers market!

Boxed and Burlap will host a farmers' market every Friday starting June 2nd through September.  Our barn, full of natural light and great atmosphere, will provide shelter from the elements.  If you are a grower of fruits, vegetables, herbs, or flowers, if you keep bees for honey, or have a unique farm that could benefit from a little more exposure apply today!  Additionally, Boxed and Burlap is interested in unique handcrafted items that correlate well with our farmers' market.

Send inquiries and applications to info@boxedandburlap.com, or visit our contact page.

An application or inquiry does not guarantee acceptance or space at Boxed and Burlap's farmers' market.  Boxed and Burlap will respond to inquiries and applications and begin the reservation process March 3rd through May, 2017.

Please note Boxed and Burlap is currently not accepting submissions,  requests, or applications to sell items or services on consignment or  for commission.   Please follow our website and social media for future opportunities.